Loony for Limericks


Tegenn Jeffery

An old type of poetry thrown back into the spotlight! (Created by: Tegenn Jeffery)

Tegenn Jeffery, Staff

In the year 1846 a book was put out

By an author called Lear, it caused quite a shout.

The people, they laughed

And they thought it was daft

And lo and behold the copies sold out!

So many of us these days fancy ourselves poets but tremble in the face of such masterpieces, like Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” or Rudyard Kipling’s “If–.” Fear not, dear reader, as I am here to calm any nerves you may have and introduce you to a simple and fun style of poem that you—yes, even you in the back—can write with relative ease! 

One of the styles of poems found in the book “Nonsense,” by Edward Lear, was new to nineteenth-century readers: limericks. A limerick is a five-line poem that follows the AABBA rhyme scheme, much like the one above. These poems are often light-hearted in content and rather humorous. Since being popularised by Lear, people all across the world have found themselves writing limericks. Here are just a few written by the talented students here at Huntington Beach High School: