What In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?


Carter Bernard

Recreation of scene from the show including the character Carmen Sandiego


[Warning! This Article Covers minor plot details about Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego. If you wish to experience this show without any beforehand knowledge this is not the article for you.]

On January 18th, 2019, Netflix premiered its series, Carmen Sandiego, a reboot of the 1990’s version, Where On Earth is Carmen Sandiego? The original franchise was based upon the 1980’s live game show and the original video game franchise which were all under the same name. The reboot educates the audience by discussing the different cultures and histories of countries around the world in a similar fashion to its predecessor.

The plot focuses on a young Carmen Sandiego who was raised on an island that houses an academy that trains the world’s greatest thieves. The academy in question is part of a secret organization known as V.I.L.E. (Valuable Imports Lavish Exports). Like the rest of her peers, she hopes to become a master thief. However, after discovering some dark secrets about her home, she turns her back on her former colleagues and begins to stop their evil heists for valuable artifacts. To do so, Sandiego assembles a small team to help her travel the world and fight against V.I.L.E.’s operatives. Another force working against Sandiego is Detective Chase Devereaux, who throughout the show, attempts to arrest her. 

Currently, as of November 2019, Carmen Sandiego has aired two seasons and season three will air June 2020.