The Truths of McDonald’s


Andrea Cervantes

Front of McDonald’s location.

“Hi, welcome to McDonald’s. What can I get for you?” Along with the smell of crunchy fries and soda coming out of the dispenser, this is what you experience when walking into a McDonald’s restaurant. Although this fast food joint is famous for its simple and easy take out food, there are still suspicions about what goes on behind the memorable red and yellow logo. 

Over the years, customers have made many speculations about the franchise. As a worker of the fast food chain, I have discovered that some myths are true and others are just conspiracy theories that will remain as so. 

Does your ice cream machine ever work?

“Is your ice cream machine working today?” This is one of the main questions usually asked by customers. The answer is simply yes, but barely. Although it may seem like the ice cream machine is constantly broken, it usually works for at least the majority of the month. Most of the ice cream machines are up to ten years old, which causes them to break down frequently. Many have yet to be upgraded to a point where the ice cream will smoothly dispense and making a shake won’t involve it squirting all over an employee. 

What is up with the Sprite?

Another major topic includes one of the drinks: Sprite. After the many speculations and memes that the beverage tastes like medicine, the main question is, what is up with the Sprite? It’s as simple as it can get, carbonated water is used to create the bubbly effect of the drink and the syrup flavoring is mixed along with it, making Sprite. Although it may taste different than how you would buy a bottle or can, it is simply made like that, no secrets whatsoever. 

Is the meat 100% real beef?

There have been many theories about the beef at McDonald’s; many have the misconception that pink slime was being used in the making of the patties and others believe that cow eyeballs were being added into the beef. Although there were possibilities of these statements being true, they are, in fact, not. The beef at McDonald’s is 100% real. When in preparation, there is no process in making the beef seem “believable.” It is simply put onto the grill, spiced, and then served. 

McDonald’s is an ongoing industry which will continue to produce enormous amounts of food without the public ever knowing the process of its creation. Although this is true, none of these conspiracies have been upheld, as of now, the company has been truthful. This may possibly change in the future, but for the time being, enjoying an ice cream cone is something that you can do, as long as the ice cream machine isn’t broken.