Tips for a Better New Year


Photo by: Summer Caprine

New Year Resolution List

Welcome to 2020 everybody! You have finally reached a brand new year and with that, comes the countless resolutions. Usually, people create a set of goals for themselves to accomplish throughout the new year so they can better themselves and improve their lifestyle. However, the problem is that many people tend to give up or forget about these goals one month into the year. Although it has become more common for this to occur, resolutions for the new year can greatly benefit you if you actually take the time to make them. Here are some helpful tips to keep your New Years’ resolutions.

1. Create a Vision

If you’re going to actually set some goals for the New Year, it’s better to keep them organized by making a list. Whether you make it a note of it on your phone or physically write it on paper, jotting down these ideas can help you keep track of them and come back to see what you’ve accomplished; you can even take it a step further by making a vision board. Having a clear vision of your goal and how you plan to accomplish it, is just one of the many steps to achieve your resolution.

2. Be Specific

Many problems that people have with resolutions is that their goals are too vague to work with. If you wanted to start going to the gym more often, you should ask yourself these questions: “What days in the week should I be going? What machines should I work on? What gym should I go to? How long should I spend in the gym working out?” Little things like this can greatly help the process of making a better list that is more specific and more accomplishable. 

3. Be Realistic

One of the most common goals people make is having a better diet. Some actually do achieve this, but there are also those who don’t. Any goals about a healthy or athletic lifestyle should always pertain to yourself rather than the goals or standards you see for somebody else. For example, someone’s meal plans posted on Instagram might not fit your own personal lifestyle. It is important to be realistic as to what you can truly achieve and what will be possible for your lifestyle. If you’re trying to set a better diet for yourself, do so gradually. Instead of cutting out unnecessary foods all at once, do so in increments so that your body can adjust to it more positively. A more efficient way to do is to slowly reduce the intake of these fatty foods and add in more healthy items such as fruits and vegetables. Also, always try to remember that everybody is different, so don’t make unrealistic, unreachable goals.

4. Be Patient

Once a list of goals for the year has been made, you should take into account that these changes take time. Don’t expect to lose a lot of weight or to earn more money within a short time frame. Remember to pace yourself and be ready for any challenges that could be ahead. Try not to lose momentum if you hit a setback; regroup and try again.

Simple things like this can easily increase the chances of accomplishing a New Years’ resolution. Remember to have a positive attitude towards the goal and understand that anything can be accomplished if the effort is put into it.