Why Disney Will Take Over the World

Why Disney Will Take Over the World

Many call it, “the happiest place on earth,” a land full of rollercoasters, overpriced food, and memories you’ll never forget. However, there is more than what meets the eye when it comes to Disney’s rapid-growing corporation; the industries that they hold have also caught wind of what it feels like to be a part of the corporation. The notion that Disney is a company full of happiness is not entirely true and many are oblivious to the extensive reach that the corporation has. 

Disney owns the majority of the entertainment industry and continues to expand, meaning that they not only make large amounts of profit, but that they are monopolizing the industry by influencing the companies that they own. Therefore, they are able to determine much of what we are watching, which can become even more worrisome as they move to merge with Fox News. In merging with a new company, their influence will be more convincing as people use televised news as their main source of information. By controlling what the general public sees, they will continue to show what will make their company the most profit, which can be interpreted as either positive or negative. Overall, Disney owns a multitude of different media outlets, which can make it difficult to stray away from their powerful influence if viewers decide to divert away from its corporation.

Disney Owns:

Warner Brothers


Touchstone Pictures




Hollywood Records

Core Publishing

Disney plus and all Disney stores, lands and worlds.

Parts of…

ESPN (80%)

A&E (50%)

The History Channel (50%)

Lifetime (50%)

Vice Media (10%)

What about all the shows and movies and series they own?

Grey’s Anatomy

Star Wars

The Muppets


The Chronicles of Narnia

The Pirates of the Caribbean

Indiana Jones

Disney’s effects can not only be seen on a large scale but on a small one as well. This can be seen within the effect their amusement parks have on the communities that surround them. More specifically, within the city of Anaheim, Disneyland takes a toll on the small businesses that neighbors them. In having a large tourist attraction, visitors are drawn towards businesses that are related to Disneyland or are simply nearby the park for convenience. In hand, these same businesses that are a part of Disney allow an even larger flow of income into the corporation. This causes tourists to stray away from the rest of the city and all of the potential it may offer.

It is obvious that the corporation brings joy to many, but at what cost? Within the entertainment industry, they can control a large portion of what viewers are seeing in which many use as their main source of information. The company also affects small communities, leaving them with broken economies and family-owned businesses that never have an opportunity to grow. And, in the end, it is up to the public to decide if they want to continue to go to Disneyland, subscribe to Disney Plus, and buy Disney memorabilia. It is imperative to be wary of the firm grasp that this corporation has and the greater effects it has on our community.