The Importance of P.E.


Sophia Ngo

P.E. students walking the track.

Physical education (P.E), is the foundation of attaining a healthy lifestyle for students. On the Interactive Health Technologies (IHTUSA) fitness blog, a site that encourages the physical, mental, and emotional health of teenagers, an anonymous author expresses that “P.E. classes can help students to become more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.” Physically participating in sports activities allows students to engage in the game and gain knowledge about staying healthy.

Although most teens take part in extracurricular sports, many who do not have the opportunity or time can get involved in P.E. at school. At Huntington Beach High School, students are given the opportunity to take part in a class where they can practice and improve their athletic performance. P.E. allows students to focus on their wellness and to get into better shape. Another key benefit of P.E. is that it “helps students to understand the importance of proper nutrition.”  When exercising, it is very important to feed and nourish the body in order to perform well in both school and physical activities. Jamie Ducharme of Time Magazine states that “starting an exercise regimen…inspires [people] to eat more healthfully.” If students start exercising more, they will learn to better feed their bodies and treat themselves with healthier meals.    

Kayla Nguyen
P.E. student jogging on the treadmill in the cardio lab.

Physical fitness is a crucial factor in maintaining good health. Implementing a regular workout routine into a school schedule will help students manage their well-being, which is why P.E. is an essential course that students should care about. Many who attend P.E. do not bother to participate or be present in their class. They tend to go on their phones during the period, even when the school offers various exercises such as walking the track, lifting weights, or running on the elliptical.

Kayla Nguyen
The ellipticals in the cardio lab at HBHS.

It is evident that physical education is a critical component in the life of a student. Working out promotes a healthier and stress-free environment for teens to be a part of and gives students a chance to participate in activities they cannot do outside of school. Taking part in P.E. class and being actively present will help students understand the true importance of physical fitness and how it will benefit their overall health and academic performances.