Safe 2 Speak

Anuhea Bowman, Staff Writer

Everyone goes through tough situations at one point or another. Whether it be at school or at home, everyone has experienced a point in their life where they feel like a situation has gone far enough and something has to be done. When a situation becomes out of control and the time comes to open up to somebody, sometimes you just don’t know where to go. You never know who you can trust and sometimes, telling the wrong person can make the situation worse. Maybe your parents are not always there to talk to and maybe you don’t feel comfortable speaking to a counselor you’ve never met. Maybe you think somebody else can just take care of it or, maybe, you’re just shy. The list can go on and on. In sticky situations, there are always excuses you can come up with to not try and confront the situation. 

Huntington Beach Union High School District has created a safe outlet for students to report situations in the safest way possible. Safe 2 Speak, previously known as Text to Tip, is a new online site. This site is made for every individual to be able to report situations they may see, hear, or be involved in. Any and all information sent through this form is available only to Huntington Beach High School faculty. The school’s administration will do whatever they can to help our campus feel the safest it can possibly be. Located on the Huntington Beach High School homepage, this link takes you to a page that asks a few questions and includes a text box for students to describe the situation. In this survey, you can now insert pictures, videos, links, or anything that may correlate to the situation. Any information provided on the site is thoroughly investigated, so it is expected that this site is to be taken 100% seriously. 

It is your choice to stay anonymous. You do not have to use your school email, and the information you provide to the school will not be exposed under your name if that is your preference. You may also have the option to identify yourself and communicate with the HBHS administration. No matter if you decide to be anonymous or not, the school will do whatever they can to ensure you are safe and try to resolve the situation without causing you unnecessary involvement. 

If you have reason to believe a classmate has become a danger to themselves or others or if you are experiencing a personal emergency, do not hesitate to use Safe 2 Speak, call 911, or notify staff immediately. Every serious situation starts out small, so it is always better to catch it before it gets worse. You can always be the one to make a difference and remember, no problem is too small. Your voice matters.