Super Bowl Commercials


Collage of super bowl commercial relate images. Photo by: Jericho Callender

Jericho Callender, Staff Writer

February 14th–one of the biggest days in sports. This year the National Football League celebrated its 54th annual Super Bowl at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. The day brings many families and friends together to cheer on their favorite team and use it as excess to have a day of food and fun. To begin this year’s special event, Demi Lovato sang the national anthem followed by Maxwell “Bunchie” Young starring in the introduction commercial. In the commercial, he is shown running away from kids that he intercepted the ball from and proceeds to run it all the way to the stadium. This then transitioned into real-time. Although football is the main focus of the Super Bowl, commercials play a role in the entertainment factor. Who are we kidding? Many people watch the Super Bowl exclusively for the well-produced commercials and halftime show. Companies are given a considerable amount of exposure and they use the opportunity to release their newest and best commercials to announce new products, reveal a new face to represent their product, and show people what they truly represent. Here are a few commercials, among many, that people connected to through its use of humor, inspiration, or love:

Amazon – Before Alexa (feat. Ellen Degeneres & Portia De Rossi)

Amazon’s new commercial, which features Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi, takes a humorous approach to reach their audience. While DeGeneres and De Rossi are leaving their house, DeGeneres tells Alexa to “turn down the thermostat” and follows by asking, “what do you think people did before Alexa?” It then flashes back to different possible scenarios DeGeneres thought occurred before Alexa. Although it was one of the most favored commercials, it was found to bring to light the topic of “fake news.” AdAge explains “the commercial makes fun of ‘fake news’ in history, presumably offering Alexa as an alternative for reliable information.” They also included a political scenario relating to President Richard Nixon’s scandal, which some can find as a sensitive topic. To many, DeGeneres represents positivity and the act of spreading joy, so most did not find a problem with the commercial and it actually was very popular.“

Sabra Hummus- #Howlmmus (feat. T-Pain, Mel. B, Charli D’Amelio, Ric Flair, & many more)

Sabra Hummus released an upbeat commercial featuring celebrities from different platforms, such as singers, dancers, actors, and social media stars. It displays each celebrity trying the hummus and while adding their personality to the scene. As the settings transition, it alternates between the bright colors of red, orange, and yellow. It incorporates current trends like Charli D’Amelio saying, “okay boomer” and Zachary King performing one of his optical illusion magic tricks. A scene that caught fans of Real Housewives of New Jersey off guard were feuding co-stars Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo coming together to share Sabra Hummus. The commercial brings a lot of energy to the table, however, there was controversy regarding the introduction question “How do you hummus?” narrated by Ric Flair. The question translated into Arabic was taken offensively as it was seen to be inappropriate. Despite this, it was appreciated by other communities for its inclusivity and diversity.

Planters- Baby Nut

After the sad passing away of Mr. Peanut, Planters Peanuts introduced baby nut. Originally, Planters was going to air a commercial with Matt Walsh, Wesley Snipes, and Mr. Peanut driving on a winding road and falling off the edge. Mr. Peanut then sacrificed himself to save his co-stars from falling off the branch. Due to the recent event of the death of Kobe Bryant, former NBA star, they felt the commercial hit too close to home relating the unfortunate way he passed. There also seemed to be some controversy on Twitter regarding how it may be received and the mood it would set for the Super Bowl. Instead, Planters decided to make the commercial a celebration of baby peanuts life. It begins with characters like Mr. Clean and Cool Aid Man, and other people gathering for Mr. Peanut’s funeral. As the pastor talks, the guests cry, one of which is Cool Aid Man, and because his teardrop hits the soil, baby peanut is born. As he speaks, we learn that it is Mr. Peanut in baby form. This commercial gained a lot of attention, seeming as Mr. Peanut has been the face of Planters Peanuts for 104 years and has now been replaced. The company used the Super Bowl as a platform to introduce a new beginning. 

Kia – Tough Never Quits (feat. Josh Jacobs)

Kia released an inspiring and heartwarming commercial told through the life of NFL player, Josh Jacobs. As a young boy is shown running through the streets, it features the role of Jacobs when he was younger and Jacobs drives beside him and thinks to himself what he would say to his younger self if he could go back in time. He expresses the difficult times he went through growing up in a rough area and how the boy needs to overcome those struggles. Football would be the way to prove himself and become somebody. Although this commercial was not the most popular, it had a great message that no matter where you come from, you can achieve anything. Their motto is “Give it everything.” The company uses Jacobs’ story to inspire people and show them that the new Kia Seltos can help you get where ever you want to go in life. 

Google -Loretta

Google created one of the most touching commercials about an older man who wanted to remember his wife, Loretta. The commercial was based on a true story according to the company’s chief marketing officer. The narrator was played by a Google employee’s 85-year-old grandfather. It begins by the man typing into Google, “how to not forget” where one site that is recommended says “to repeat a detail.” Through Google, he was able to set reminders of his favorite things about her. He wanted to remember that “Loretta hated [his] mustache,” “Loretta loved going to Alaska and Scallops,” and “she always snorted when she laughed.” The older man showed emotions through his laughter and tone. From Google, he was able to see photos of Loretta and previous sayings he said for Google to remember. It made people feel both happiness and sadness at the same time. The couple displayed what many dream of having one day. Not only did the commercial have a great storyline that brought people to tears, but it had a great message of love.