Artists Adapting to COVID-19


Throughout these challenging times, musicians have provided a bit of light in this seemingly never-ending COVID-19 tunnel of darkness. Across the globe, artists are continuing to live stream performances of their songs from their homes through social media, as fans mourn over the tickets they bought to their now-canceled concerts. With this, popular radio stations like Sirius XM created, “Couch”ella and Stage “Couch,” to try to recreate popular music festivals like Coachella and Stage Coach from the comfort of your living room.  

Together, the music community has risen to the occasion by continuing to release new songs–some about the outbreak–to ease stress and help add a sense of security to everyone’s home. Through these songs, artists are able to connect to their audience on a greater level than before and are able to push for a sense of unity in a time of isolation. Here are ten newly released (COVID-19) songs to help connect you with the rest of the world during this quarantine. 


“Stay Home” by Big & Rich

“Stay home, stay home, No reason in the world for you to roam. We’re all in this together. No, friend, you ain’t alone. All you gotta do is stay home.”


“Oh What a World 2.0” by Kacey Musgraves

“Oh, what a world, don’t wanna leave. All kinds of magic all around us; it’s hard to believe. Thank God it’s not too good to be true. Oh, what a world, and then there is you.” 


“Living in a Ghost Town” by The Rolling Stones

“Life was so beautiful, Then we all got locked down. Feel like a ghost, living in a ghost town.”   


“Supalonely” by BENEE

“I’m just here thinking, ‘Bout where I should’ve been. I’ve been lonely, mm, ah, yeah.” 


“Six Feet Apart” by Luke Combs

“It’s a mystery, I suppose, just how long this thing goes. But there’ll be crowds and there’ll be shows. And there will be light after dark. Some day when we aren’t six feet apart.”


“Think About You” by Alana Springsteen & Filmore

“No I’m not alright, I just act like I am cause I have too.” 


“Dear Corona” by Chase Rice

“Dear Corona, you don’t know the heart of a country fan”


“First Aid” by Gus Dapperton

“About my head, it’s on straight, But I’m all over the place. I’m to making shift for shaping a life.” 


“Six Feet Apart” by Alec Benjamin

“Oh, I miss you most at six feet apart when you’re right outside my window, but can’t ride inside my car. And it hurts to know just how lovely you are. And be too far away to hold, but close enough to break my heart.”


“Cool Again” by Kane Brown

“I’ve been thinkin’ about ya lately. Reminiscin’, going crazy.”