How Huntington Beach’s Traditions and Activities Will Be Affected This Year.


Two women observe social distancing measures as they speak to each other from adjacent park benches amidst the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, in the centre of York, northern England on March 19, 2020. Photography from: WORLD-NEWS-SOCIAL-DISTANCING-GET. Tribune Content Agency LLC, Chicago, 2020. eLibrary,

As the virus continues to spread, schools are returning back to session. Now what? Currently, when asked what first comes to mind when thinking about school, one will receive many responses like: homework, early mornings, grades, and stress. What about extracurriculars? With social distancing, mask orders, and limited time, how will these work? With the help of a few Huntington Beach High School ASB members, many students’ most relevant questions regarding the 2020-21 school year will be answered.

Straight from the center of the school’s activity organizers are Dani Quezada (ASB President) and David Morrell Sanchez (Head of Publicity), who mentioned that some activities the school will be holding may include a Drive-In Movie Night and online fundraisers. Sanchez explained the pre-planned details for the movie night. “Our movie night was accommodated to the current circumstances we are in today. Each year, we traditionally hold this event. Due to COVID, this year’s movie night will not be how we have usually had them in the past. Changing it to a ‘drive-in’ ensures comfortability and safety with students, and a fun new way for us to have a movie night,” he said. This activity is one of many that is being altered to maintain the health of students and staff and to follow health guidelines.

While ASB is able to adjust certain after-school activities, bad news follows for anyone who was waiting for school dances. Sanchez believes there will not be any school dances in the near future. “We carry a student body of approximately 3,000; so having a physical, in-person dance with usually up to 800+ students coming to our dances, would be extremely dangerous,” he said. For the health of the school to be ensured, a few events must be sacrificed, but thankfully, ASB is making COVID-19 friendly activities to keep students occupied. 

According to Quezada (ASB President), all schools in HBUHSD are working together in this unpredictable time to “collaborate our ideas on potential events.” On the HBHS Instagram account, @theoilspill, students can get details regarding almost anything they wish to know. Using this platform is an easier way for students to connect with their peers. For example, this year’s Virtual Tropical Homecoming included a spirit week which was held through Instagram Stories.  

If you find online learning difficult, you are not alone. Many of us are struggling, including Quezada, who describes herself as a “hands on learner” as many others may be. Thankfully, with schools reopening on November 3rd, you have a choice as to whether or not you and your family believe you should return to campus. Thanks to the members of ASB, the Huntington Beach High School staff, students, and the rest of the community, days have been made much easier to adjust to. Hopefully, we will be able to get a peek at a few in-person activities soon, but for now, let’s stick with what we have and stay safe!