The 2020 Election Results


Sarah Hart

An American flag, photographed in Huntington Beach, CA. Photography by: Sarah Hart.

Note: The following information is being continually updated as new information is received. 

*Last updated November 7th, 11:00am.* 

Presidential Results

In a recent development announced just this morning, Joe Biden has won the election with 280 electoral votes.

The 2020 election has been characterized so far as a race of very thin margin and one of the first elections in our lifetimes with a prolonged ballot-counting process, resulting in results not being expected to be announced for days. Due to the COVID-19 virus, the election has been one of mass mail-in ballots and has presented a new playing field for both candidates, Republican nominee and Donald Trump, and Democratic nominee Joe Biden have had to overcome and formulate a new and unique set of policies. 

With all votes counted but -from Georgia and North Carolina, Biden led with 50.6% of the popular vote. Trump was behind by 56 electoral votes which bring him to the 270 needed to win, bringing him to a total of 214. He held 47.7% of the popular vote.

Considering the abnormality of the circumstances of this election, the United States saw a new lineup of swing states, this year including Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin. 

The following swing states are red: Florida, Ohio, Texas, and Iowa. Though initially undeclared when the election results were announced, North Carolina is red leaning. 

Confirmed blue swing states are: Arizona, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Nearly overnight, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Georgia were all confirmed to be blue. Gaps remain thin, with some margins being a matter of only 100,000 votes. 

Statistically, Democrats are found to be more likely to vote via absentee ballots, so it was seen that a notable shift was made in the favor of the Democratic party in the days after November 3rd, as mail-in ballots were counted. 


California Results

In terms of the presidential election, California is blue in a landslide majority voting for Biden. The following propositions have passed:

  • Prop. 14, authorizing state bonds towards stem cell research. 
  • Prop. 17, allowing those who have finished prison terms to vote, including those on parole.
  • Prop. 19, allowing disabled or elderly homeowners to transfer their property’s tax base to a new area of residence. 
  • Prop. 22, in which drivers for companies such as Uber or Lyft to be classified as private contractors rather than employees.
  • Prop. 24, where consumer privacy laws are changed and the amount of private information tech companies can utilize from the consumer is limited.

In Orange County, the two candidates for congressional seats, Harley Rouda (Democrat) and Michelle Steel (Republican), were at a razor thin margin, ending with Steel winning with 50.9% of the vote. 

Sources: The Associated Press and Edison research