Your December Horoscope


Photography from: Carter Bernard.

Jayla Leverett, Staff

It is finally the last month of this widely abhorred year. As we reflect on our last weeks of 2020, what is a better way to decipher matters than through a horoscope? Through extensive research, I am here to present the possible answers to the “how”s and “what”s you may have about this month’s turnout. However, before continuing, it is important to know key vocabulary used as shown on the right. 

If you are unaware of your placements, you can view your navel chart on .

At the start of December, Mercury headed into Sagittarius. Sagittarius’ are known for their optimism, care-free attitude, humor, impatience and spontaneous personalities.

With Mercury being in Sagittarius, this may have caused you to be more brutally honest. It is likely that you or the people around you could have let a secret slip loose with the potential of starting arguments. To prevent this in the future, try to think a little harder about the things you say, and be more cautious towards who you choose to confide in.

Due to the lively nature of Sagittarius, you may have found yourself developing a desire to have a more exciting and spontaneous persona. Whether this is a want to seem exciting to the people around you or to make your life a little less boring, it  relates with the persona of your rising sign. 

For some with Taurus sun placements, a spontaneous outburst could have been a dilemma, as they are more laid back and relaxed. This will likely turn out for the better however, as this could be a chance for you to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Along with Taurus, Capricorns may have found themselves feeling lost with their goals, feeling like everything they have achieved could crumble. For every sign, take this as a chance to meet new people and develop new relationships because they will turn out great.

The sun moved into Capricorn on December 22nd beginning the Capricorn season. Due to this movement, you may have found yourself working diligently as you focus on long term goals. With the care-free feelings Sagittarius may bring, it is good for Capricorn to pull us back into reality and fix any mistakes made. 

December 29th was a full moon in Cancer; a very emotional, sensitive and moody sign. You may have been impacted by this, possibly feeling unnaturally sensitive towards others words and actions. It is easy to take things others say to heart, and spit the next thing you think. However, the best way to avoid this is to try to think rationally and take a break from others if you need it.

Cancers as well tend to be better at holding grudges. With this full moon being so close to the start of a new year, it is a good idea to talk out any bitterness you may have towards others. Instead of bottling up your feelings, express them for better relationships with those around you. Try to start the year feeling refreshed.

On January 1st, the moon will be in Leo, known for their confidence. You should feel a bit more comfortable in your own skin and be able to start the new year with self love and a good outlook.

There is your brief look into the past month and the start of the new year! Of course this is all perceptive, but hopefully, you can find some truth through the lens of a horoscope!