Which sports are playing, and are spectators allowed?

photographed by Charlotte Nguyen

As the year comes to a close, sports are coming to the end of their season. But what sports are still playing? Baseball, softball, track, swim, lacrosse, tennis, soccer, golf, and basketball are still playing or finishing up their season with league, playoffs, and or CIF. 



For the varsity team, this year has been a success! The head coach, Benjamin Medure, was interviewed and said they had a great win rate. “Our record is 18-4. The team is doing well. We have seven kids committed to play college baseball so we are excited about sending them on to greener pastures,” Medure said. 

Baseball was lucky enough to allow spectators.  



The girl’s varsity softball team had a win rate of 18-3. Jeff Forsberg, the head coach, said, “We are 18-3. Currently first in the league and ranked #1 in Orange County and #7 in State. After losing our 2020 season to Covid-19, we are not taking this season for granted.  We are led by seven seniors and a great team of players that are playing at a high level.  It’s been a crazy year with unexpected players having career years while we have the best pitching in the league that we hope allows a deep run into the playoffs. We have had nine shutouts, the most in school history.” 

There are two spectators allowed for each player. 



So far, most of the duals played by the varsity team have been won. The head coach, Kareen Shackelford,  said, “We have won most of our dual meets so far and look forward to a great league Finals. We have some of the top distance runners in the county at their respective grade levels: Nolan Walt (11), Claire Lewis (11), Quinn Roldan (11), Andrea Linggi Perez (9), Jacob Mc Quirk (9), Corey Sand (9). We have one of the best triple jumpers in the county Dean Vo (12).”

There are spectators allowed. 


Boys Swim 

This year, the boys varsity team has gone undefeated, winning all 10 of the meets they competed in. Ryan Camps, the head coach of the boy’s swim team, said, “We are 10-0, and we are competing for our first league title since 1938.” They also are league champions!

Sadly, the boy’s swim team was not allowed spectators for their season except for the seniors at the senior meet. 


Girls Swim

The girls varsity had a win rate of 5-5. Candice Mason, the head coach of the girl’s swim team said, “We won against Ocean View, Marina x2, Edison, Westminster. We lost to Laguna, Corona Del Mar, Mater Dei, Newport Harbor. We placed 2nd at league, losing to Laguna Beach. This year, we had a young team, with a ton of talent and potential for future seasons. This is evident in the fact that we had the highest rate of CIF cards in individual events in the past 8 years. Grace Brehm broke the school record in the 100 breasts. This record is from 1997, one of the last remaining records from the ’90s. Summer West broke her own records in the 200 and 500 free and was CIF champ in the 500.”

Spectators vary depending on the location. 


Boys Lacrosse

The boys varsity team has won 10 out of their 16 games. Head coach Michael Dingwell said, “Our record is 10-6.” 

There are spectators allowed. 


Boys Tennis

The boys varsity team has won 40% of their games. The boy’s head coach Joshua Anderson said, “we have won about 40%. Boys varsity tied for 3rd in our league. We were happy to have a season, and I am proud that all seven of my graduating seniors are going to 4-year colleges.” 

There are two spectators allowed per player.


Girls Tennis 

The girls varsity team has gone undefeated this season, winning all 14 of their matches. Head coach Patrick Wright said,We won all of our matches this season. I think we were 14-0, but then we lost the first round in CIF in the open division. I think this was the first time that HBHS Girls tennis went undefeated during the season and won the League championship title. We also had three girls win the individual league tournament: Kaytlin Taylor won in singles and Cindy and Yen Hyunh Nguyen won in doubles. So overall we had a great season.” 

There are spectators allowed. 


Boys Soccer 

The boys varsity team has had a win rate of 14-2. Head coach Sean Dick said, “our current record is 14-2-2. The boys have come together as a team with the desire to go as far as possible and get that CIF ring.”

There are two spectators allowed per player. 


Girls Soccer 

The girls varsity team had a win rate of .500%. Raul Ruiz is the girl’s coach and said, “My overall win rate percentage for our 2021 season was .500. We continue to strive for success and become a better program over time. We are always a playoff program and represent our school with great honor and respect throughout the competition. This is how I describe our program’s success: as a coaching staff, we serve as good, positive role models to our athletes. We encourage and provide a great learning environment which is another measure of success. We understand the educational nature of athletics and constantly helping our players with lifelong lessons are invaluable. We prepare and educate our athletes and teams to strive to win games, but learning, improving, and having a good experience are the factors that signify real success.”

There are two spectators allowed per player. 


Girls Golf 

Girls golf head coach Melanie McCaffrey was interviewed and said, “Our varsity team has been league champions 5 out of the last 6 years prior to this year. Unfortunately, last year’s senior class was filled with strong golfers. So, our win percentage this season dropped to 50-50 or a record of 5-5. A highlight was the 3rd place finish at the Gary Christman Ayala Tournament at Western Hills Country Club. Our league tournament and CIF are yet to come, so hopefully, we will have some good news from those events.”

The rules of spectators vary from venue to venue. “Because our sport uses both public and private venues that are off-campus, spectating is at the discretion of the venue used.  During the COVID year, spectators have not been allowed at most sites,” McCaffery said. 


Boys Basketball 

The Boys varsity team is 2-2. Head coach Tino Zaragoza said, We are 2-2 in the league. We have a huge game tomorrow vs marina, the winner of that game will probably get the last playoff spot. Thursday is the senior night game vs Fountain Valley.”

Only parent spectators are allowed.