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Kayla Nguyen, Art & Design Director, Team Leader, Staff Writer

A plant-based diet prioritizes more consumption of plant-derived products and reduces the intake of animal products. According to FAO, a Food and Agriculture Organization that strives to eliminate hunger, it states that meat production “generates 65 percent of human-related nitrous oxide…and it accounts for respectively 37 percent of all human-induced methane…and 64 percent of ammonia.” Nitrous oxide, methane, and ammonia are all products of cattle manure and they all contribute to environmental degradation. Nitrous oxide and methane, listed as two of the major greenhouse gases, largely contribute to global warming. This environmental concern inspires many people to adopt a more plant-reliant diet. To cater to vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and flexitarians, various restaurants compose menus that value raw ingredients, most importantly, with a goal in mind. Out of the many restaurants, there are 6 located in or around Huntington Beach. 


1) Hungry Angelina


Matthew Kenney, the founder of Hungry Angelina, created this restaurant to produce plant-based dishes that are accessible to everyone. Hungry Angelina is a fresh concept born from Matthew Kenney Cuisine, with the mindset that plants bring people together. Hungry Angelina’s motto, “PLANT-BASED FOR THE PEOPLE,” reflects their goal of creating “a community space with a forward-thinking ethos that fosters self-expression, creative engagement, meaningful social connections, and love for all things plants,” as stated on their website, HUNGRY ANGELINA. The restaurant gives you options from all-day brunch to large plates such as their gnocchi which are ideal for sharing. This plant-fueled restaurant is located at 6400 CA-1, Long Beach in 2ND & PCH. However, if you want to skip the wait, you can reserve your spot at opentable.com.

IG: @hungry.angelina



2) Seabirds Kitchen

Seabirds Kitchen believes in making a difference and serving really good food.”

Seabirds Kitchen has been composing a menu using organic produce and high-quality ingredients to advance in vegan cuisine and as their website, Seabirds Kitchen, states, “to create dishes that elevate plant-based food beyond the standard.” This spot is popular among vegans and non-vegans as they are always testing their limits and exploring numerous flavors to embark on a successful culinary journey that allows them to cater to everyone. This restaurant has two locations, one at 975 East 4th Street, Long Beach, and the other at 2930 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa in The LAB Anti-Mall. 

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3) The Brave Bean 

“Serving Southern California, The Brave Bean offers convenient and reliable, fast and affordable free from guilt food.”

The Brave Bean provides an assortment of delectable dishes ranging from burgers to hotdogs, grilled cheeses, and salads. Something that makes The Brave Bean unparalleled to other restaurants is their concept of the free from guilt guarantee which is stated on their website. The Brave Bean specifies that the free-from guilt guarantee means, “allowing you to enjoy something without feeling that you are doing something bad.” This unique condition was applied due to their devotion towards terminating animal cruelty, and as the restaurant states, “to lessening our ecological footprint, gas emissions, and global warming causes; and to employing fair trade principles.” The Brave Bean is located at 9430 Warner Avenue, Suite N at Bushard Street, Fountain Valley. 

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4) Loving Hut

“Be Vegan and Go Green To Save Our World”

Loving Hut is a restaurant that serves vegan cuisine and they aim towards achieving World Vegan, World Peace. The restaurant primarily appreciates its core values, the core values being healthy, compassion, green, service, happiness, and loyalty. The extensive descriptions of their core values can be found at the bottom of their website, Loving Hut USA Website.  Their website motivates individuals towards the meat-less lifestyle by saying that, if they serve 100 meals at Loving Hut altogether, then they can leave an impact on the preservation of water, grains, and the lives of animals. Loving Hut has an astounding 200 locations in 35 countries, but can be found locally at 18358 Beach Boulevard, Huntington Beach, or in Garden Grove at 12050 Chapman Avenue. 

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5) VegiLicious

“We provide genuine food w/ love & energy”

VegiLicious is a Japanese, vegan restaurant owned by Akira and Ana. To combat obesity, disease, meat consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions that are prominent in America, Akira and Ana, who traveled from Japan opened their small restaurant with the hopes that one day, they say, “all of the people in the world will live happily & peacefully. “ VegiLicious is very goal-driven; they express their devotion towards wanting to solve food shortage problems in the world, and to save animals, all while serving nutritious food that makes everyone content. Akira and Ana’s restaurant is located at 16821 Algonquin Street., #103, Huntington Beach. 

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6) Plant Power Fast Food

“Changing The World, One Burger At A Time”

Plant Power Fast Food, evident in its name, serves quick and convenient plant-based food. On their official website, the restaurant has a ‘Why’ page that goes into depth, about the reason behind why the restaurant serves plant-based food. Plant Power Fast Food aims towards renovating the future of fast food to be “100% plant-based burgers, fries, and shakes.” They are located at 18976 Brookhurst Street, Fountain Valley, and another address located near Huntington Beach can be found at 5095 E Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach.

IG: @plantpowerfastfood

Twitter: @plantpowerff


These 6 restaurants are part of a multitude of other plant-based restaurants. The prime quality they have in common is their motivation, which is to make an impression in the plant-based realm to inspire and urge individuals to feast on food that consists of ingredients that make the individual and the planet happy.