Gold Face

“I feel like everyone can relate to the feeling of wanting to make someone proud. You want to convince yourself that you do it for you, but deep down its for someone else.”


Ariel Morales

the shining gold won’t cover up my tears
it won’t wipe away my hard work throughout the years

it’s nothing in my eyes
all i remember are all the hard nights and long cries
not until i can be proud
not until i can smile in front of a crowd
not until he can say i did good
not until im not labeled as misunderstood
that’s when i’ll win
when the sky meets my chin
when i’m not doing it for a guy
when i don’t have to say goodbye
when the words don’t sting
until then, gold doesn’t mean a thing


Ariel Morales (She/They)

This is my first time ever submitting anything but it has been a goal of mine to get out of my comfort zone for this year. I have always been interested in poetry. The way someone can bleed their heart out in just a couple of stanza and have at least one person relate on a personal level is amazing. I just hope I can do that to someone as well. Make some realize they aren’t as alone as they might feel.