His Lady’s Knight

A nameless knight laments about his life and his love while dying on a battle field.

February 16, 2022

He always knew it would end like this
He had torn down castles brick by brick, fragile in his strong hands
He had cut down the troves of men and women that came with their blades
Yes, he always knew.
One cannot run forever and eventually his lady’s knight would return home.
As he gazed up at the night sky, sword sat upright in his chest, he smiled.
The monster that he was, the thing that battle scarred men talked about in low hushed tones
had been slain.
Finally it was his end.
“My lady, my love beckons me.”
As the sun rose in the sky Lady death, his lady wrapped her arms around him and he sunk into
her warm embrace.
Dying having known what it means to live, Loving even one as indomitable as death.


Sam Ekstedt (she/her)

Sam is sophomore and aspiring author who writes in fiction for both short stories, poems, and is currently working on writing and publishing her first novel. She has always had an active imagination and a drive to collect and tell stories. She loves to learn about politics and history and most of her writing consists of interesting historical and politically tumultuous settings.

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