Lexicon is about the need for a diagnosis, the idea that I have to have these titles added to my name; that I have to be able to explain myself when I am a nuisance. I feel that I should be boiled down into a short list of words, dehumanizing myself.

March 16, 2022

I am not me.

I am a beaded, strung up collection of my thoughts. 

a web of words instead of conversations.


I am merely made of how everyone sees me. what am I, if not obsessive and ill?

who am i, if not a person at all.

aren’t i my diagnosis if that is all my mirror tells? 


If I am once again nothing, then I am at ease. 

If I am me, then I am compulsive. 


I am a wallflower.

a sketched outline of a person with a list.

and a doctor’s signature. 

a shell of a person, a place holder. 

I have no age, no name, no face, no voice. 

I exist for a statistic, I am an addition to the background. 


a morbid, distraught, unaligned case. 

a file. 

If I am a person then I am clean. 

If I am all but myself then I am in possession of reality. 

but even the most pretentious fail, so yet again I am me. 


unorthodox, dreadful, tired. 

words under my name, like a description. 

a dictionary of synonyms. 

my name, like a glossary. 


containing inadequate, insufficient, and mute. 

my name, if not the same word as docile. 


I am not myself, I am a literary depression.

legally bound to my detection of distress.


my word vomit hospitalizes me

and again, i am the public’s lexicon.


Zach Weisheit (he/him) 

My name is Zach Weisheit, I’m a sophomore and I’ve always loved creative writing. Being in the journalism class gives me a chance to write about things I’m passionate about, but this allows me to share artistic and imaginative ideas and stories I’ve come up with that I don’t often get to share.

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