The moment you just feel utter joy about the way your life is going. You can feel the improvement. That's kairosclerosis. Kairosclerosis (n.) the moment you realize that you're currently happy. This poem has biblical terms or a heaven/hell theme although not being at all related to religion.

March 16, 2022

Kairosclerosis (n.) the moment you realize that you’re currently happy
A month ago, I was in the depths of hell
At a burning war with my own mind
I was locked with Satan in an invisible cell
He spit lies and thoughts that were less than kind
I didn’t believe there was an end
But you came along
My best choice was to press send
That message started something great, something that would prove him wrong
All those lies he tried whispering in my ear
All the harmful habits he tried to create
You were there to clear
You brought my mind to a better state
Sitting here taking it all in
Realizing how happy I’ve been
The feeling as if my own mind was a sin
The feeling of his words burning deep within
They don’t exist anymore
Because right here and now, I am happy, with you, with me
Loving someone has never felt so easy, it isn’t a chore
Knowing Im loved by someone like you, I’ve never felt more free


A month ago I never thought I would be doing this well
The war that was burning has finally came to end
You gave me the keys to my cell
I don’t consider Lucifer a friend
No, not anymore
You helped make a heaven out of my hell
Even if this ends with screaming and me kicking you out my door
Even if it ends in a bitter farewell
You’ll always be my light
In my darkness you helped brighten my mind
And I think about it every night.


Ariel Morales (she/they)

My goal for my poetry is to have someone know they aren’t alone. At least one person has gone through what you have or have had those emotions, and that’s personally comforting.

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