TikTok Fashion Trends

February 2, 2023

For the celebration of the new year, we can look back on the biggest TikTok fashion trends of last year. TikTok is known for its diverse videos of dance challenges, life hacks, and fashion hits. TikTok is a huge social media platform that has grown big over the past few years. The platform TikTok is the place for up-to-date fashion that is cool and stylish. In celebration of the new year, here are the top 2022 fashion trends on Tiktok.

One scroll through your “For You Page” (FYP) and it immediately shows almost as many posts as Instagram- tons of fashion inspiration. Some upcoming stylish TikTokers like Sadie Brooklyn, Vanessa Chen, Dania, and Teabby, are all examples of fashion trends that Gen Z follows today. 

Current Modern-Fashion Trends:


“Y2K” (The year 2000) fashion is back. In contrast, the trend might take you back to the early 2000s, known as the Paris Hilton low-rise jean era. These pants have made a huge comeback in 2022 we are seeing styles involved with low-rise jeans. Although, high-waisted jeans have also been a prominent trend.

Another Y2K trend that’s made a comeback thanks to TikTok, cargo, and parachute pants. Gen Z as a whole has tended to stay away from skinny jeans, so it makes sense that they would lead toward cargo and parachute pants. 

Mirror selfie of baggy jeans. (Photography by: Ella Navarro)

Flare Jeans:

Flare jeans or leggings have made a comeback and retro-inspired denim is popular again. The 70’s look with flare/boot-cut bottoms is everywhere right now and they’re ready to stay.

Mirror selfie of low-rise jeans taken (Photography by: Ella Navarro)

Crop-tops and Baby Tees:

Baby Tees and crop tops have been sneaking their way onto the internet through TikTok. Since the mid 90’s appearing in the classic movie Clueless, and the TV show Friends. Our forsaken love for shrunken tees hasn’t died down just yet. 

Mirror selfie of “Y2K” fashion with a baby tee (Photography by: Ella Navarro).

Platform Shoes:

Platform shoes are nothing new, and are growing in popularity. Thanks to TikTok, platform shoes have risen once again. Platform shoes give you an extra few inches without having to wear heels. Popular clothing stores like Urban Outfitters and brands such as Steve Madden make these types of shoes.

Photo of platform shoes on multicolored fabric. (Photography by: Ella Navarro)


Crochet clothing, whether it is a sweater, tank top, bag, etc has made its way back into the fashion game. Not only has crocheting become a common hobby for many, but the predominance of people wearing crocheted items has made it a trend once again.

TikTok is always a good place to find good inspiration for trendy outfits. As such, to find more on these trends download TikTok to explore and learn more about modern-day fashion.

Crochet clothing is commonly seen in TikTok fashion trends. (Photography by: Ella Navarro)
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