Christmas Music: A Recurring Disaster


Artwork By: Toby Hodne

The Destruction of Christmas Music

Christmas music is one of the most divisive topics in music. People either love it or hate it, but there’s one thing everyone can agree on: it’s everywhere during the holiday season. If you’re someone who doesn’t care for Christmas music, you’re not alone.

Christmas music is played on the radio, in stores, and in restaurants from the day after Halloween until Christmas. It’s unavoidable, and disrespectful to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is constantly getting overlooked and gets little recognition. Halloween does not have to deal with as it is so beloved. Within a few weeks of continuous exposure, it can really start to wear on people. Even the most die-hard Christmas music fans can find themselves exhausted by the same songs playing over and over again. This is likely due to many Christmas songs being intended as sing-along songs which encourages repetition. 

Another issue with Christmas music is that it is very cheesy. Christmas songs feature cliche lyrics and tacky instrumentals. This can be exceptionally irritating when a store has the same Christmas music playing on a loop. Although hearing Christmas songs in public can bring a sense of cheer, the same songs playing repeatedly become grating and tiresome very quickly.

However, there are also those who adore Christmas music, such as sophomore Henry Haddad. Haddad believes that Christmas music should be played year-round, except from December 26th through the 31st. Haddad says “I absolutely adore Christmas music, it’s just amazing and puts you in a good mood.”

On the opposing side, individuals such as senior Roxy Belshe believe that Christmas music should play anytime after December 1st. With the continuous and identical songs, Belshe says “It gets repetitive and overdone, but in the right setting it gets me into the Christmas spirit.” 

Personally, I believe that Christmas music is overplayed and feels extremely repetitive. Christmas music is one of the few genuinely uninteresting things due to the constant replaying of the same songs that all sound similar. Many see it as some perfect form of music, however, many find it annoying. Christmas music is only acceptable once a year, which happens to be Christmas Eve. Other than that, it is just a sore excuse to celebrate the holidays. I feel as if it takes away from the holiday itself with the huge emphasis on Christmas music. While Christmas music is cheery, it is too much.

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