Huntington Beach High School sophomore, Ian Serrano, listening to Beabadoobe during passing periods. (Photography by: Elisha Stenseng) (Elisha Stenseng)
Huntington Beach High School sophomore, Ian Serrano, listening to Beabadoobe during passing periods. (Photography by: Elisha Stenseng)

Elisha Stenseng

Beabadoobe: Rise to Fame

January 18, 2023

“Hailed as the voice of Generation Z,” Beatrice Kristi Laus, known as Beabadoobe, is a Filipino British indie-pop singer-songwriter on her rise to fame with nearly 15 million Spotify listeners. The 22-year-old star went on a nationwide U.S. headline tour in October. In addition, she will be opening for multi-grammy, award-winning Taylor Swift in her upcoming Eras Tour in March 2023. 

However, the Generation Z inspiration did not immediately start with fame, Lauss’ school experience was “intense” owing to a combination of “bad grades and bad behavior.” The young star was born in Iloilo City, Philippines on  June 3, 2000, and she later relocated to London at age three. The young misfit was eventually expelled from her girl’s Catholic school, leading to her learning to play second-hand guitar, writing a song, and posting it online “because [she] wanted [her] friends to hear it.”

Beabadoobe performing her set at the Fonda Theatre on November 21st, 2021. (Photography by: Justin Higuchi)

This song became her hit single, “Coffee” gaining 300,000 views on youtube and the attention of DirtyHits in September 2017. Consequently, “Coffee” is sampled by a Canadian rapper, making “Coffee” enter the top 5 in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and several other countries in April 2020. Huntington Beach High School (HBHS) sophomore Tyler Lee has been a dedicated fan from the start of her music career, and said, “she used to be less well known but she took off.”

The sophomore student also expressed that the drastic growth in popularity occurred during quarantine over the popularity of her hit single “Coffee.” Lee then said, “she was good until she got popular.”

Laus from then on continually released more indie-pop music that resonated with a diverse set of followers. She claims her music is influenced by the Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies, and Pavement. Her continued success in her music career: performing on Jimmy Kimmel and debuting at the hit music festival Coachella, led to the recent release of her album “Beatopia” in July 2022. “Beatopia” is an alternative, indie album consisting of 14 songs, Laus took inspiration from her childhood fictional land when curating the album cover and name. According to Laus, “Beatopia’ is less of a conceptual thing- it’s a feeling.”

On this newly released album, HBHS students expressed their significant approval of her music. HBHS sophomore Malia Lo said, “[It] should be named album of the year.” In addition, Huntington Beach sophomore Abbie Richman agreed with Lo’s opinion on the album, and said “everything about it is just perfect.”

Kailea Haver listening to Beabadoobe’s top songs on music streaming platform Spotify. (Photography by: Elisha Stenseng)

With exciting tours and performances coming soon as Laus grows in popularity, she argues this is the mere beginning of her music career, she says “I have so much more art to share with the world. I’m not going to stop.”

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