HBHS Link Crew’s Cookies and Cram

Cookies and Cram: Fall 2023
Hayley Durrant

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Andre Gulmesoff, Anthony Hermosillo, and Brooke Doan studying together at Cookies and Cram. (Photography by: Hayley Durrant)

Cookies and Cram Flyer. (Flyer by: Anna Kee)

As the first semester of the 2022-2023 school year comes to an end, students must prepare for final exams. Thus, every year Link Crew organizes the Cookies and Cram event to ensure students have a place to study during this stressful time. 

On January 24, 2023, at 1:30 p.m., students from all grades gathered in the Huntington Beach High School (HBHS) student center to study for their final exams, eat snacks, and relieve their stress with the wellness resources at the event. 

Melissa Castaneda, a senior at HBHS, says, “I went to Cookies and Cram to study for my statistics exam. Cookies and Cram was helpful because it motivated me to study for my finals instead of getting distracted at home.” 

Alisza Santana and other students studying for their upcoming exams. (Photography by: Hayley Durrant)

Link Crew did a great job offering snacks and hot chocolate to many students stressing about their finals.

Belinda Miguel, a Link Crew Leader working at the snack bar said, “[The snack bar] was extremely busy; a lot of people wanted cookies, so we ran out of them fast and had to buy extra.” 

Students gathered to study for upcoming finals in the Student Center. (Photography by: Hayley Durrant)

Cookies and Cram also provided an area with student tutors and a wellness corner, which were extremely successful. Students were able to pet therapy dogs, play with playdoh, and relieve some final exam week stress. 

Students pet the therapy dog at the wellness corner during Cookies and Cram. (Photography by: Hayley Durrant)

Ashley Ornelas, a senior at HBHS, says, “I enjoyed petting the dogs. It definitely helped relieve some of the stress I had towards my exams.” 

Overall, Cookies and Cram was a helpful event, especially for those preparing for their final exams. Not only were students provided a space where they get the assistance they need and ask questions, but many teachers also offered students extra credit to those who went to help improve their grades. If you missed out on Cookies and Cram during the first semester, do not worry, because there will be another one for the spring semester.