Still of ballet dancer in Black Swan (2010) by Searchlight Pictures
Still of ballet dancer in Black Swan (2010) by Searchlight Pictures

echo chamber

"On the strangeness and irony of femininity, sadness, and sharing my work"

May 4, 2023

sylvia plath called herself a ‘fragmentary girl,’

and i find the worst parts of me agreeing. 

why is it that somehow i find anguish to be freeing?

why am i writing this?

to put myself on display,

or to be praised

that’s my name, isn’t it?

i must be pretty and palatable and enough for you

i find this nuisance stuck to me like gum,

carelessly thrown by a child and tacked to the rubber sole

of my patent-leather shoe

that was supposed to look nice, but is now

ruined, thanks to you. 


i chew on my words slowly, not wanting

to ever digest them

because when i eat i look ugly


Grace Cross (They/She)

hi, i’m grace! i am an actor and a writer. a lot of my poetry seems to be inspired by the works of phoebe bridgers, julien baker, and sylvia plath — mostly meaning that a lot of it is obliteratingly sad. i hope that it can provide you with a sense of familiarity or comfort.

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