Students walking around the quad to look at the tables of different artists. (Photography by: Ally Espiritu) (Ally Espiritu)
Students walking around the quad to look at the tables of different artists. (Photography by: Ally Espiritu)

Ally Espiritu

Art Show Success!

June 6, 2023

On May 30, Mr. Harward’s art class held an art show in the quad where students showcased and sold their art. Products varied from art prints, clothes, beaded jewelry, crochet pieces, and other handmade crafts. The prices were often quite reasonable, and profits went solely to the creator, so it was a great opportunity to support other students in a small business fashion.

Huntington Beach High School (HBHS) sophomore Ruth Mui says, “It is also an encouragement because there will be some people who really love your artwork, and you will be happy and want to make more.” 

Ruth Mui’s artwork varied from paintings to rainbow loom bracelets. (Photography by: Ally Espiritu)
Picture of some of the art displayed at the show. (Photography by: Ally Espiritu)
Lynh Tran and Natalie Shu share a table full of crochet frogs, bags, and other items. (Photography by: Ally Espiritu)

For students, the art show is a great opportunity to create art and gain experience with the business side of the industry. The art show is always open for anyone to join, not only art students. Harward will most likely continue holding the art show through next year, so the event can be a great experience for any students returning to HBHS in the fall. 

“The art show is an amazing opportunity for smaller artists to put their work out into the world and promote their business,” says HBHS sophomore Lynh Tran. 

There aren’t many rules in the art show, so students are encouraged to be as creative as possible. Students like Katie Tran and Marian Hsieh decided to create more elaborate displays for their art. Some artists also decided to work together to create art pieces, like Tran and Natalie Shu, who shared a table filled with crochet products. 

Marian Hsieh managing her table and many pieces of art. (Photography by: Ally Espiritu)

Shu says, “I do the art show to see all the different people make and sell their form of art, whether it’s drawing, making and selling thrifted clothing, toys, or culinary arts.”

Many people were able to show off their creativity and talents while also benefiting from it financially. Overall, the art show was a great success and an amazing way to support artists in HBHS.

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